A new non-toxic chemical combination to fight and destroy mosquito larvae.


Kulicide is an outstanding larvicide with no hazardous side effects on people and the environment.


Kulicide is an outstanding larvicide with no hazardous side effects on people and the environment.

Introducing Kulicide

Kulicide is an all-natural non-toxic insect growth regulator (“IGR”) that can eliminate both larvae and adult mosquitos. As a chitin synthesis inhibitor, Kulicide prevents aedes mosquitos in all stages of their lifecycle – eggs, larvae, pupae and adults – from developing properly either through the disruption of exoskeleton formation or embryonic development, which results in death.

Kulicide is simple to apply and compatible with various conventional technologies such as larviciding and misting, eliminating the need for any additional expenditure on new equipment. 

Kills 100% of mosquito larvae within a 24-hour timeframe.
Only contains all natural and environmentally-friendly ingredients.
Effective against all types of mosquitos, such as the Aedes, Anopheles and  Culex species of mosquitos.
Proven results against the mosquito in all stages of its lifecycle (egg, larva, pupa and adult).
Cost effective

Benchmarking Kulicide against World Health Organisation Approved Chemicals

Product Active Ingredient Unique Selling Points Gap vs Kulicide
Gentrol Hydropene ·     IGR for all pests

·     Causes pneumonia when inhaled

·     Has to be treated in isolation conditions

·     Toxic to fish and aquatic invertebrates

Archer IGR Pyriproxifine
Nyguard IGR
Precor IGR Methoprene
Metero IGR
Nylar IGR Substituted Ethoxy Pyridine
Distance IGR Pyriproxifen
Preclude TR Phenoxy Carb
Pivot 10 IGR Pyriproxifen
Azatin XL Azadirachtin – Neem ·     Many mosquito species developed resistance

·     Toxic to fish and aquatic invertebrates

·     Needs to be applied under isolated conditions with protective clothing

Bti Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis ·     Non toxic ·     Host specific
Kulicide Geraniol Oil

·     Non toxic

·     IGR for all pests

Kulicide Malaysia’s Business Model

Business Plan

Overview of Dengue Virus

Pesticides Board Confirmation of Kulicide

Institute of Medical Research Report: Kulicide SC10 Larvicidal Bioefficacy against Aedes aegypti

Institute of Medical Research Report: Kulicide SC10, Larvicidal Bioefficacy Against Aedes albopictus


Letter of Invitation from MOH for Open Tender Procurement for Aedes Vector Control

Appendix - Glossary

Globally Certified and ISO Rated

Vector Control

Dengue Fever

Dengue is the most rapidly spreading mosquito-borne viral disease in the world occurring mainly in tropical and sub-tropical areas. In the last 50 years, the incidence has increased 30-fold with increasing geographic expansion to new countries.
An estimated 390 million dengue infections occur annually with half of the world’s population at risk. Southeast Asia carries most of the global burden of dengue.

Aedes aegypti

A single female Aedes aegypti (Ae) mosquito can breed up to 90 million mosquitoes in just 60 days

Ae mosquitoes are alive at any one time and all are around human beings

An Ae larvae is viable for up to a year and can hatch if exposed to water again

Ae mosquitoes need only a little bit of water to breed

Diseases brought about by Ae are the world’s largest killer


The global cost of Ae-borne mosquito diseases tops US $30 Billion per year

75% of the global burden of dengue consist of Malaysia, Singapore, Philipines,
Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam

WHO has listed dengue is one of the threats to global health in 2019 with an estimated 50% of the world at risk and over 500 Million infections a year



Kulicide acts on the mosquito larvae before they hatch and can penetrate its protective cocoon ensuring a 100% kill rate without causing harm to the treated water and aquatic environment.

Formulation Results: Kulicide

Effect started in 8 minutes, within 30 minutes all larvae settled at bottom, suffocated and in very critical condition

100% larvae dead

100% larvae dead


Excellent effect. No residual problems, no harm to fish, birds or plants

How it Works


0 Hours

5 Minutes

1 Hour

Virus Control

Introducing Scentsor N9

Spray Bottle & Sachet

Re-usable pre-treated
face masks

Pocket Disinfectant Spray

Scentsor N9 is a disinfectant that carries full certification for veracity and truth from the venerable, 192-year-old organisation, Bureau Veritas. The product also has multiple ISO’s, global certifications, and is in use in all Joint Commission International (“JCI”) accredited hospitals in Europe and in 140 countries worldwide (all certifications are available upon request). Seanergy Philippines, Inc., the exclusive distributor for ASEAN, and the exclusive business and technical partner of KMSB, is the first among global distributors to come up with a retail line of the exact product made in the UK plant, comprising spray bottles, re-usable pre-treated face masks, hand sanitisers and 30ml sachets to treat up to a 2 kilo laundry load.

99.99% effective in killing and contains additional, natural immune-system boosting silver

Kills COVID-19 which is also a virus on surfaces and other environments

Globally certified as 99.99% effective against all bio-pathogens including viruses

Scentsor N9 is pure de-ionised silver,
100% non-toxic

Kills pathogens and keeps killing them for up to 30 days

The COVID-19 Pandemic

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to adversely impact the lives of Malaysia’s citizens, the need for an effective solution to this pandemic in a vaccine-less world is apparent. With its 99.99% kill rate of bacteria and viruses, Scentsor N9 is an effective solution.

Presently a majority of Malaysia’s healthcare personnel risk their lives treating COVID-19 patients and containing the pandemic with only standard surgical or N95 masks. These are insufficient in protecting the lives of Malaysia’s front-liners as the masks simply filter the virus and not kill it. The introduction and distribution of Scentsor N9 treated cloth masks can kill the virus and ensure that Malaysia’s first line of defence against the virus does not break.

Apart from protecting healthcare front liners, Scentsor N9 can also protect many other individuals such as households, office workers, restauranteurs, delivery personnel, among others from the threat of COVID-19. In an office, vehicle, aircraft, factory, stores, etc., every Scentsor N9 treated hard surface, packaging, staff clothing, masks and cotton gloves are killing every bio pathogen it comes into contact with. This product, Scentsor N9 is the gold-standard in EU hospital super-bug control. It has successfully contained the incredibly-infectious Ebola (and it’s 88% death rate) for over 20 years.

The product is organic and non-toxic. It is 100% pure silver in exceptionally clean water and encapsulated for extended effectivity. On a hard surface alcohol and bleach will kill bio pathogens that are present. After evaporation, they are no longer effective. Scentsor N9 kills present pathogens and keeps killing them for up 30 days and even up to 90 days on some surfaces. On fabrics, garments, textiles, a treated item will need 30 regular washes before the item needs to be re-treated. Surfaces only need a weekly spray and wipe down for those that are touched frequently such as elevator panels, hand rails, escalator rails and bathrooms. For floors a mop down once every two (2) weeks is recommended. Walls are required to be sprayed (and if possible wiped) once every three (3) months. During a pandemic, we recommend a daily wipe down for surfaces that are touched frequently; a weekly mop down for floors; and a monthly spray and wipe down for walls. Scentsor N9 also treats all paper including money.

Market Opportunity

KMSB intends to initially roll out the Scentsor N9 product and the pre-treated re-usable face masks through retail outlets such as pharmacies, convenience stores, supermarkets, and the larger hypermarts. At present, there are approximately 1,400 pharmacies, 5,000 convenience stores and 330 supermarkets and hypermarts in Malaysia and all these are potential point of sales targets. The masks can also be potentially sold directly to clinics and hospitals as well.

KMSB simultaneously will begin to build the market for large scale disinfecting services through outsourcing or through direct sale of product to service providers, hospitals, building owners, malls, stores, airlines, airports and train operators.

Thereafter, KMSB will begin to participate in MoH tenders once the Scentsor N9 product has been tested by the IMR for efficacy.

KMSB will initially focus on Malaysia but will soon roll out in Singapore within 6 months of operations and then Brunei.

Benchmarking Scentsor against SDST in Singapore

Product Product Variation Unique Selling Points Gap vs Kulicide
SDST SDST (180ml spray)

·     Tested effective against H1N1 and COVID-19 virus


·     Exclusive collaboration with GIFT by Changi Airport (only applicable to sdtravel)
SD Pro (large scale application)
SD Travel (20ml spray)
Scentsor N9 Spray bottles (500ml / 1 litre)

·     Global certifications

·     Kills 99.99% of viruses and bacteria including COVID-19

·     Used in all JCI accredited hospitals in Europe and in 140 countries worldwide
Hand sanitiser (60ml / 500ml)
Re-usable pre-treated
face mask

One Spray Protects You All Day

  • Kills 99.99% viruses and bacteria 
  • Long-lasting effect 
  • Safe and non-toxic
  • Globally certified 
  • Made in the UK

How does Scentsor N9 Work ?

Scentsor N9 disinfectant spray uses the revolutionary properties of N9 Pure Silver, a globally patent technology to kill 99.99% viruses and bacteria and surfaces and In the air.N9 also neutralizes odors and delivers a long-lasting freshness. It can sprayed on fabrics, floors, walls, metal and other surfaces to effectively protect against Covid-19 and other viruses, and will continue to work for hours after application.

Effective Against:



 Rotavirus  Bird Flu  SARS

Hepatitis A

E. Coli

Swine Flu


Flu And Cold Viruses

and other disease- causing viruses and bacteria.

The Scentsor N9 Difference


99.9% kills viruses and bacteria




Safe on skin




Effective against a wide range of viruses and bacteria


Safe and stable,no need to wear gloves when applying


Easy to spray/disperse


Water-based to deliver residual protection of hard surface,including floors


Durable protection on fabrics,clothes and workwear


Non-migrating, strong-binding and does not leach onto skin


Lowest silver loading and release


Immediate antimicrobial protection and freshness


Eliminates odors and delivers lasting freshness


Does not allow bacteria to develop resistance


Highly effective against resistant strains of bacteria

Use on the following surfaces:


Fabrics, Beddings and clothes


Metal and hard surfaces


Curtains and carpets


Walls and floors



Mobile Phones are the most contaminated items we carry

Scentsor N9 Pure Silver Kills all coronavirus on your phone for 24 hours

  • Scentsor N9 Pure Silver is pure deionized silver
  • 99.99% effective against all bio-pathagens including viruses
  • Effective on all hard and soft surfaces
  • Independetntly cerfified and verified,made in UK

Click on the icon to view

Disinfection Protocols

Scentsor N9 Usage Guide

Pesticides Board Confirmation of Scentsor N9

Building and Establishment Protocols

Entry Protocol


Masks can be customized to show building security that they are treated and carry no live viruses


The customers oxygen level must be checked using a pulse oximeter


If the customer show obvious signs of infection and fails the temperature test and or has an oxygen saturation of less than 94% then they must be refused entry and urged to seek medical assistance immediately


Once an area is treated with Scentsor N9, we urge the use of certain protocols to ensure the continued protection of staff and visitors


A bio-waste container is essential for the proper disposal of masks and gloves

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Scentsor N9 ?

Scentsor N9 is pure de-ionized metallic silver that starts to ionize once applied. In doing so, it robs single-cell pathogens of their oxygen. As they do not have lungs, they die immediately. It effectively kills disease-causing viruses, bacteria, staphylococcus, mold, fungi and spores.

Is it safe to use and long-lasting ?

Scentsor N9 is 100% non-toxic, non-leaching and safe to handle, safe on skin and to inhale. Its global patents are for the encapsulation process that ensures extremely long residual effects. It can be safely used and applied by anyone without requiring any protective gear.

Does Silver have other benefits ?

Silver also has a myriad of health benefits for humans. Not to be confused with colloidal silver supplements, many resources are available on the internet. As malodors are bacteria, Scentsor is also a powerful deodorant and can be safely used on skin. It also deodorizes and treats many skin ailments in dogs.

Is Scentsor N9 verified and globally certified ?

All claims made by Scentsor are verified for veracity by the 192-yr old truth certifier, Bureau Veritas ( It is a multi-awarded product approved for use in 140 countries and maintains multiple ISO ratings from the world’s top-quality auditors.

Why is silver being used as a disinfectant ?

Silver is an anti-pathogen used for millennia (hence silverware, goblets, etc.) as it kills all single cell bio-pathogens except for un-enveloped Norovirus which is not common. This is why it was used by Kings and high-ranking leaders to ensure against bio-poisons for 2000 years. This version is naturally far more effective and long-lasting.

How often should I use scentsor ?

Clothing and cloth masks/gloves washed in Scentsor only requires 30ml per 1kg dry load in the final rinse. Clothes can last 30 more regular washes before needing re-treatment. Face masks should be treated every 7 days during COVID-19.

Mobile phones are particularly susceptible to viruses and bacteria but will continuously kill them for 24 hours when treated. Re-treat once a day.

Surfaces that are touched frequently such as elevator panels, hand rails and countertops need to be sprayed and wiped down weekly. Daily treatment is recommended in the time of COVID-19. These can remain actively killing viruses and bacteria for up to 90 days or until it is scrubbed off.

Floors need to be mopped down and treated every two weeks. Increase frequency to every week in the time of COVID-19.

Walls should be treated once every three months; once a month during a pandemic.

Kulicide Malaysia Sdn Bhd

Company Profile

Established in July 2019, KMSB is a healthcare company, headquartered in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and has the product and distribution rights for Kulicide and Scentsor N9 in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei.

KMSB intends to distribute Kulicide for the purpose of vector control, and control of the dengue hyperendemic in Malaysia. Following recent events in relation to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, KMSB will distribute Scentsor N9 disinfectant products to reduce the spread of COVID-19.


As the fastest spreading mosquito-borne viral disease in the world, occurring mainly in tropical and sub-tropical regions, dengue is an ever-present threat in Southeast Asian countries. According to the World Health Organization (“WHO”), the dengue virus has infected approximately 670,000 individuals and claimed 1,800 lives1 across the Southeast Asia region in 2019. Recognising the enormous health and economic burden dengue places on Southeast Asian nations, KMSB aims to contribute to the efforts in combating the threat of dengue, starting with Malaysia. With Kulicide, KMSB will equip local dengue control units with an effective, safe and economical solution to eradicate Aedes spp. mosquitos, the primary vector of the dengue virus. Thereby, reducing dengue incidence and playing a part in building a healthier local community.

The COVID-19 pandemic is an example of the risks faced by all countries today. KMSB is well placed to deal with all types of viruses and bacteria through the product itself as well as pre-treated face masks. In addition to retail outlet sales, KMSB intends to supply Scentsor N9 in bulk for the disinfecting of hospitals and buildings in general. Scentsor N9 is manufactured in the UK and is a highly effective disinfectant in dealing with viruses and bacteria. This product is organic and non-toxic, it is also the gold-standard in EU hospital super-bug control. It has successfully contained the incredibly-infectious Ebola (and it’s 88% death rate) for over 20 years.

Business Partners

KMSB has secured partnerships for various aspects of their venture. Each partnership brings with them a unique set of strengths that can further augment various areas of Kulicide Malaysia’s business model.

Business partnersDescription
Seanergy Philippines Inc Seanergy Philippines holds the exclusive distribution rights of Kulicide and Scentsor N9 in all ASEAN countries. They will provide sales and marketing support to Kulicide Malaysia in the ASEAN region especially for Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei.
Kulicide UKKulicide UK is the patent holder and manufacturer of Kulicide and Scentsor N9. Not only do they serve as KMSB’s primary supplier, they also endeavor to provide technical support in relation to the Kulicide product.

Management Team

Kulicide Malaysia will be led by Executive Director, Mr. Raven Sockanathan. Mr. Muhammad Irfan, the company’s Project Executive will be providing technical expertise and liaising with relevant government agencies.

Raven Sockanathan
Raven Sockanathan
Executive Director
    • Raven Sockanathan holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA and a Bachelor of Arts in Theology from St Paul’s Theological College, Malaysia.


    • He started his career in Hanafiah Raslan & Mohamad’s audit department and thereafter transitioned into Corporate Finance with Bumiputera Merchant Bankers Bhd.


    • He has held various executive directorships locally and internationally in areas of trade finance & counter trade, water utility privatisation, loyalty programs, healthcare, oil & gas, and renewable energy.


    • He was a two-term former president of the Malaysian Association of the Philippines and a committee member of the Royal Selangor Golf Club for four years.


    • He is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Borneo Waste Industries Sdn. Bhd, a municipal solid waste management service provider in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
Patrick M. Deakin
Patrick M. Deakin
Regional Advisor
    • Patrick M. Deakin was educated at the International School Manila St. Joseph’s College, Storington, UK and Erindale College, Canberra in Australia. He also studied International Commerce at the Australian Institute of Management. Patrick speaks English and Filipino.


    • He was the co-founder of Philippine Internet in 1993 and the Philippine Stock Exchange Online (Webby Awardwinning site)


    • He also served as president of Lifeline Ambulance (ASEAN’s largest private Ambulance service) for 10 years and is also an Australian-registered EMT instructor.


    • Since 2016, Patrick’s company, Seanergy Vector & Virus Control secured the ASEAN rights to distribute Kulicide and Scentsor Pure Silver disinfectant, and has participated in the successful containment of ebola, dengue, malaria and other vector-borne diseases worldwide.
Sitharthan Maran
Sitharthan Maran
Administrative & Finance Manager
    • Sitharthan Maran holds a Bachelor of Science (Hons) Degree in Applied Accounting from Oxford Brookes University, United Kingdom.


    • He has more than 10 years of experience in accounting, finance, taxation, secretarial and human resource management.


    • He is a member of the Malaysian Institute of Accountants and the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, United Kingdom.
Muhammad Irfan Norman Francis Rudin
Muhammad Irfan Norman Francis Rudin
Project Executive
    • Muhammad Irfan holds a Bachelor of Science in Biomolecular Science from Universiti Teknologi MARA UiTM, Malaysia and Master of Medical Science (Biochemistry) from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia UKM, Malaysia.


    • He started his career in the Institute for Medical Research, IMR as a research officer.


    • He subsequently worked on the Wolbachia Malaysia project in the IMR.

  • Kulicide Malaysia Sdn Bhd (“KMSB”) aims to distribute Kulicide, an effective, safe, and cost effective insect growth regulator and adulticide in Malaysia with future expansion to Singapore and Brunei.
  • In Malaysia, KMSB will be supporting domestic dengue vector-control efforts via the supply of Kulicide to local vector-control units such as the Ministry of Health (“MoH”) and Local Authorities (“LA”).
  • KMSB will also be supplying Kulicide to the mass consumer market via retail outlets such as pharmacies, supermarkets, hypermarts and convenience stores.
  • KMSB will also distribute Scentsor N9 Pure Silver (“Scentsor N9”), a globally certified safe and effective, non-toxic disinfectant that kills 99.99% of viruses and bacteria including the COVID-19 virus in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei.
  • KMSB will be supplying Scentsor N9 and re-usable cloth masks pre-treated with Scentsor N9 to retail outlets such as pharmacies, supermarkets, hypermarts and convenience stores. In phase two of product deployment, KMSB aims to supply Scentsor N9 in bulk to government agencies and building managers for large scale disinfecting services.

Contact Us

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Executive Director

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Patrick M. Deakin

Regional Advisor

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Muhammad Irfan

Project Executive

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